Soldiers Die When We Forget Them

Its been more than three weeks since Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), Indian Army  addressed the press conference about surgical strikes of Indian Army in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) targeting terror launch pads. From civilians to political leaders, everyone stood by our fierce army supporting their act of valour. But like every issue being handled in this country politics again seeped in conjoined with noise and cacophony on news channels. Fight of Nation vs Terrorism took a turn in political lanes becoming Government vs Opposition, adding to the melee came in the artistic groups turning the ‘ugly’ scenario into so-called Peace vs Ultra-Patriotism questioning Prime Minister about his flight itineraries and tax money spent on it (well they have every right to do so). The live action of valour with bullets flying over our soldiers turned into virtual twitter fight with tweets volleying from several twitter handles. Some stood by defence forces and their decisions, few common (aam) leaders wanted proof, some took stand on cultural exchanges and a lot was scratched on the statement of a person who has been in and out of multiple legal troubles be it harassment or hit and run.  Continue reading “Soldiers Die When We Forget Them”