Fight against Salmonella Typhi

A conversation with Prof Dipshikha Chakravortty about typhoid vaccine, women in STEM, social issues and youth of India


Looking for a place in Prakruthi ( IISc Canteen) on a Sunday morning I came across a couple who politely offered me the empty seat next to them. As the conversation began I came to know that I was sitting with Prof Dipshikha Chakravortty and her husband who themselves were enjoying their morning coffee in the canteen. Asking about my department and area of research, Prof Chakravortty explained the pressing need of interdisciplinary research in  21st century and how she herself was trying for nano-drug delivery systems (her collaborative work on nano-capsules) for her research work. Dr. Dipshikha Chakravortty is an Associate Professor at Centre for Infectious Diseases Research (CIDR),Dept of Micro Biology and Cell Biology (MCB),Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Her research work focuses on infectious disease and host pathogen interaction using bacteria as a model system, understanding the mechanism of bacterial infections, and developing antidote and vaccine strains with excellent memory.  Continue reading “Fight against Salmonella Typhi”

At the end it’s the SOLDIERS’ FOOT required for “KABZA”

A week back when I saw a broadcast mail flashing – Talk on “Technology Requirements for the Army” by Brig Subhash Chandra Sharma (Retd), President & Director, AXISCADES Aerospace & Technologies Pvt Ltd on 29th September, a figure of Army man with all his enthusiasm and dignity silhouetted  my  imagination.Today I attended that talk and felt, in all the pessimism surrounding us, people are there who care for our country “NO MATTER WHAT”.

 Brig Sharma has profusely  worked in electronic warfare, tactical communications, electromagnetic battlespace operations, wargaming, and optimization of counter-insurgency operations. He is an M Tech from IIT, Mumbai, MBA from Punjabi University, Patiala, B Tech (Electronics & Telecom) from MCTE, Mhow and AIMA Advance Course in Strategic Management from CDM, Secunderabad. He has held senior designations in Army procurements, field trials and inductions; He has in-depth knowledge of Defence Technologies, future requirements, projects, procurement procedures, and offsets. Continue reading “At the end it’s the SOLDIERS’ FOOT required for “KABZA””